Business Development.
What is your company/brand saying?
What are your clients experiencing?
How can our partnership drive the change?

We develop a strategy to accomplish your company’s goals. Some goals are revenue driven and others are value based. Ideal for retail companies, hospitality groups, entrepreneurs and luxury brands. This package is offered in the way that best suits your needs.

Examples can include sales and service led training, corporate workshops, lecture series, 1 on 1 consultations and brainstorming sessions.

Business Manager/Brand Builder.
What is my value?
Who am I?

We connect you with opportunities, partnerships and negotiate terms on your behalf. We can create press kits, blog writing & editing, content marketing (blogs, guest articles, social media captions), creatively direct photo shoot concepts, develop the overall look & feel of branding photos and individual aesthetic.

The Firm welcomes brands looking for digital influencers and conferences calling for speakers.

Business Cultivator.
Connects entrepreneurs with investors and investors with opportunities to move the needle in the direction of increased revenue and strategic partnerships.

The Firm welcomes startups and development opportunities in the hotel, real estate and the hospitality industries.

Consulting services are available a la carte. Why? No two companies, no two entrepreneurs and no two visions are the same. Contact to discuss package options.